Will Smith is a co-narrator of "A Closer Walk"

The list of Will Smith films is long and impressive, but one of the most remarkable films to ever have Will Smith's name attached to it was A Closer Walk. This documentary brought to light the seriousness of the global AIDS epidemic by interviewing people from around the world that have been stricken by this terrible disease.

Two huge names were attached to the film as narrators. Both Glenn Close and Will Smith lent their remarkable voice to the film that was filmed on four continents over the course of three years.

The filmmakers create a heart-wrenching experience for the viewers of the film through interviews and firsthand accounts of men, women, and children who are stricken with this terrible disease. The unique advantage point sought after by the filmmaker, gave the viewer an unequaled glance into the fundamental causes of AIDS; "health, dignity, and human rights." By showcasing the worst plague this world has ever known, it is very apparent the world needs more compassion and commitment to help counter this dire illness.

The film was released to the public and nationally broadcast on PBS on August 31, 2006. The film instantly reached critical acclaim and countries throughout the world praised the film for its unadulterated message. There's no doubt fans familiar with the list of Will Smith movies will find this invisible performance something very special.

Even though there were a few negative reviews for this film, the directors did their job by putting the easily forgotten AIDS crisis in perspective for all to see again. Anyone who watched the movie won't be able to forget the vivid I ages portrayed throughout the film. A Closer Walk inadvertently became the world's spokesman on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and is definitely a must see for the entire world's population.